Rest, Learning diary, Ice Hockey

Dear Internet,

It would seem that my new blogging routine is going to be on Tuesdays. I think Sunday is still better. Let’s hope I manage to write again this Sunday.

So what’s been going on. Last week I was super depressed first, but in the end I started being effective again. I’ve been catching up speed since Thursday or Friday and work has been going well. Huh huh. Still, long days are long.

Last week I had some sleeping problems. Yes, again. My rhytm went crazy and I wasn’t feeling good about it. From Friday I’ve been waking up properly. Having a proper daily routine actually makes me feel better. I hope I can keep it up.

Last Friday we had an after-work with my colleagues. Something we hadn’t done before, although we have been working together for few months. It was fun to have the team together outside of work, but I think we talked a bit about work related stuff. Anyways, we had some Lebanese food and went to a skybar. Hong Kong is full of skybars. So there are bars on rooftops of skyscrapers with great view.

I also started a new habit. I started writing learning diary. Or more like a short normal diary with some points of what did I learn today. I call it a learning diary. I try to keep it short. I have a small notebook (A5, I think) and I’ve restricted one entry for one page. So few points what was good today or bad or what made me feel good/bad/energized/depressed or anything. Maybe in time, it starts to look more like real learning diary. I used to write diary few years ago. Especially when I was in the army. I also found one entry from my current notebook, which was from January 2016. I was feeling down that time, so it’s nice to realize how much my feelings have improved in such a short time. Lots has also happened. I’ve been changing workplaces and even countries and cultures. I wonder where I’ll be in a year or two.

What else. There was the Finland-Sweden ice hockey match on Saturday. A group of maybe 30-40 Finns (and few Swedes) gathered in a bar in Hong Kong to see the game. Unfortunately we lost and had to endure all the hoorays of our Swedish companions. The match started past 1am. So I was super tired, but managed to talk with some people. We even had an afterparty at one couple’s rooftop. Wasn’t drinking, but we continued the evening until 7am. I was at home before 8am. I’m not sure when was the last time I stayed up until 8am and was sober. Probably when I was 18 and doing newspaper delivery during nights.

On Sunday, I just slept at home. It felt good. I had an online Chinese class at midday but after that I decided to stay home and rest. I think I should do that more often, since I have a bad habit of filling my schedule with too many hobbies and then being exhausted. I was thinking, maybe I should try to have Sundays free from any plans. Just stay home and read a book or watch TV or do something to take my mind away from the everyday stress.

Kendo has been good as well. Been getting some good vibes and ideas from the practice. Feeling like part of the team. I wonder what I’ll do in Finland. Continue there or just have a 7 weeks kendo-holiday. Since I’m going to live at our summer house, I can go running in difficult terrain (lots of uphills) and swim in the lake everyday. Don’t need a gym card or anything.

This week I’ll try to be effective and hardworking. So far it has been working. Just have to remember to sleep enough and not to drink too much coffee.

See you next time!




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